I welcome your suggestions re how I can best spread word of the approaching release (on Nov 5th) of the  short 99-cent ebook “Disaster on the Clearwater: A Real-Life Account of Rafting Beyond the Limit.”  One idea I’m trying is giving free posters to everyone who emails me confirmation of their pre-order–here’s the gist with a bid of whimsical promo sprinkled in:

Special Promotion!
Glorious Opportunity!
Take a Wild Plunge!

Disaster On The Clearwater by William McGinnis
A Real – Life Account of Rafting Past the Limit

If you preorder now and email the author confirmation of your preorder (send to: bill@WhitewaterVoyages.com), William McGinnis will send you a glorious, free, autographed whitewater color poster!

Count yourself lucky that you can read rather than live this tale of pushing the limits on the Clearwater River. A white-knuckle rafting adventure, this vivid true short narrative will immerse you in the wilds of British Columbia and likely flood you with joyous schadenfreude. Thank God that’s not me!

Let me know what you think–all ideas welcome!  –Thanks, Bill

– See more at: https://www.williammcginnis.com/disaster-on-the-clearwater-2/