Slay the Dragon Adam Weldon Action Adventure Mystery Suspense Thriller

  • This action-adventure thriller set in the Bay Area and China will keep you on the edge of your seat!
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  • This is a fun read—and also an important book that could change the course of history. No kidding!
  • Recipient of the Literary Titan Gold 5 Star Award!  Click here to learn more.
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Slay the Dragon: An Adam Weldon Action-Adventure Mystery Suspense Thriller
by William McGinnis

A police officer is brutally murdered in a “mostly peaceful” Oakland protest. City hall shuts down any serious investigation of the heinous crime. Ex-Navy SEAL Adam Weldon and his cop buddy BC take up the search for the killers only to find themselves hunted, outmatched, and at risk of being killed at any moment.

As they fight for their lives, Adam and BC discover the horrible truth: The murder is part of a relentless, 40-year, “unrestricted warfare” assault on America by an implacable, seemingly all powerful foe. A sovereign state with vast resources—including database files on virtually everyone and the ability to track—and kill—anyone anywhere at any time. A sovereign state determined to bring America to its knees and to become itself the dominant power in the world. The sovereign state? China. The Communist People’s Party! The Dragon!

Can an ex-Navy SEAL, an Oakland cop, and their motley team including FBI agent Tripnee, a tech-genius Falun Gong Chinese dissident, a petite Declaration-of-Independence-quoting Chinese gunslinger, a US admiral, a Silicon Valley billionaire, and a squad of cyber ninjas, save American democracy and put China on a better path? To find out, plunge headlong into this rousing, upbeat, rip-roaring Adam Weldon thriller by award-winning author William McGinnis.  Winner of the Literary Titan 5 Star Gold Award!

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Click the images below to view the maps of San Francisco and South Central China that show where the action takes place in this international thriller!

San Francisco Map

Map of south china

McGinnis “Nails It!”
Lisa Hazleton Interviews
Thriller Author William McGinnis:

Learn how to stay focused and overcome obstacles—to writing or any endeavor! Also, gain insights into Slay the Dragon, learn about hot new reads… and more.
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Slay the Dragon wins Literary Titan 5 Star Gold Award!

The Literary Titan Gold Award is bestowed on books that we found to be perfect in their delivery of original content, utilizing fresh themes to convey innovative ideas, and deftly use elegant prose to transform words into expertly written literature.

Slay The Dragon by William McGinnis is a compelling thriller novel with complex storylines with action and adventure. Readers will be invested in the story from the opening pages. This action-filled novel portrays the pure brutality and intensity of life in the espionage world. With political agendas, civil turmoil, and an all-knowing agency watching everyone all the time, the future of the U.S. as we know it is at risk. Adam Weldon and his friend BC attempt to unravel what is happening and stumble upon more than they bargained for. While searching for a murderer, they risk becoming the next victims.

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