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Selling the Business for the Love of Writing: A Success Story – Bill McGinnis

This episode is primarily for the person “on the inside looking out.” You’re busy with your work (and you may even love what you’re doing), but you have a growing compulsion to do something new, something different. But you don’t know where to start. My conversation with Bill McGinnis might be just what you’re looking for. Having grown a

‘Slay the Dragon’ Novel Highlights US-China Tensions – Epoch Times Review

Review Written by John Moorlach for Epoch Times United States vs China. I am a bibliophile. My reading passions are current events and nonfiction. Although I own an Ian Fleming book or two, I rarely read novels. But I particularly enjoyed the 2022 book “Slay the Dragon,” which provided a read that combined what’s currently occurring in China

How to Awaken America to the CCP Threat?

by William McGinnis, M.A. English literature Many Americans think of China, if they think of it at all, as mainly a source of cheap stuff. Some do have a vague notion that the Chinese Communist Party represses its people and poses a challenge to America. Few Americans, however, have anything approaching a full understanding of the CCP’s brutality toward

Slay the Dragon wins Literary Titan Gold Five Star Award

The Literary Titan Gold Award is bestowed on books that we found to be perfect in their delivery of original content, utilizing fresh themes to convey innovative ideas, and deftly use elegant prose to transform words into expertly written literature. Slay The Dragon by William McGinnis is a compelling thriller novel with complex storylines with action and

In Depth Interview with Lisa Haselton

New interview with thriller author William McGinnis Posted on February 10, 2022  Originally on Today I have returning thriller author William McGinnis to chat about his newest action-adventure novel, Slay the Dragon: An Adam Weldon Thriller. Bio: A California native, William McGinnis grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. From his youth on through college and graduate school,

Ken Streater’s Good Change Podcast Interviews William McGinnis

Pondering Leadership, Writing, and the Beauty of Life’s Voyage a Conversation with William McGinnis In 1975, William “Bill” McGinnis wrote the New York Times Bestseller, “Whitewater Rafting,” which has become the bible of boating wild rivers. After that, Bill created Whitewater Voyages, one of the most successful rafting companies on earth. It was founded on a guiding style that focused

Bill featured in Legends of Rafting Article

Legends of Rafting: Bill McGinnis  May 24, 2017 Interview by Tyler Williams // Portraits by Rommi Linnik Bill McGinnis helped take commercial boating from its crude roots to the polished professionalism it practices today. In 1975, McGinnis wrote Whitewater Rafting, the first source on the techniques of the sport. That same year, he started Whitewater Voyages, which

Bill McGinnis speaks at BAIPA Meeting

The Real Life of “Selfies” (Self-Publishers)—William McGinnis Tells His Story.   “A thing is only as complicated as the explanation of it” is an adage at the heart of success for Bill McGinnis in both writing and publishing his river adventure guide books and novels. His first book Whitewater Rafting was published in 1975 by the New York Times and has become the bible

Dirt Bag Paddler Interview

THE GUIDE WHO GUIDED GENERATIONS OF DIRTBAG RUBBER PUSHERS ~ DBP INTERVIEWS WILLIAM McGINNIS, Author of "THE GUIDE'S GUIDE. William McGinnis & Mike Toughill See the original article Folks who aspire to greatness, no matter the forum, all look to those who came before them for inspiration, for lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid, for reassurance, for guidance. Oftentimes,


A Book Review/Interview with William McGinnis by Douglas Hergert, Rossmoor News, 2/13/2013 The setting for William McGinnis’s breathtaking new mystery novel, “Whitewater, a Thriller,” is California’s Kern River Valley, where we meet two remarkable young characters: Adam is just home from three tours of duty as a Navy SEAL captain in Iran and Afghanistan, and is intent on learning the