Pondering Leadership, Writing, and the Beauty of Life’s Voyage a Conversation with William McGinnis

William McGinnisIn 1975, William “Bill” McGinnis wrote the New York Times Bestseller, “Whitewater Rafting,” which has become the bible of boating wild rivers. After that, Bill created Whitewater Voyages, one of the most successful rafting companies on earth. It was founded on a guiding style that focused on connection to oneself, others, and the world around us.

Then Bill retired from outfitting and became an acclaimed thriller novelist. Today, among other things, the proteges and alumni of Whitewater Voyages lead large multinational corporations, are highly regarded elected officials, direct critical global non-profit organizations, and run entire school districts.

This Good Change episode chronicles a life well lived and illustrates the ability of one person to manifest a community of changemakers. This is Bill’s legacy.

In this episode, learn about the importance of connectedness and staying in the moment; why opening your eyes to beauty produces magic; how leadership is best when it is welcoming, compassionate, and fosters relationships founded in caring about yourself, others, and the world around you; that positive brings out the positive; how adventure thriller novels can reflect and create a world of positive possibility; and why each individual’s gift to the universe is needed to bring about good change.

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