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Bill featured in Legends of Rafting Article

Legends of Rafting: Bill McGinnis  May 24, 2017 Interview by Tyler Williams // Portraits by Rommi Linnik Bill McGinnis helped take commercial boating from its crude roots to the polished professionalism it practices today. In 1975, McGinnis wrote Whitewater Rafting, the first source on the techniques of the sport. That same year,

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Bill McGinnis speaks at BAIPA Meeting

The Real Life of “Selfies” (Self-Publishers)—William McGinnis Tells His Story.   “A thing is only as complicated as the explanation of it” is an adage at the heart of success for Bill McGinnis in both writing and publishing his river adventure guide books and novels. His first book Whitewater Rafting was published in 1975 by the New York

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Rafting Technique: Punching Holes

By William McGinnis Adrenaline pumping, heart pounding, you speed down into huge holes alive with upwelling mountains of erupting white popcorn foam. The exploding foam overwhelms and stalls and knocks your boat for a loop, inundating your raft, slamming and lifting your bow paddlers. You yell, “Dig, dig, dig! Forward! Forward! Need ya now! Need

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Rafting Skills: Eddy is Your Friend: Catching Eddies

by William McGinnis “Whatever you do, Lou, don’t miss that eddy!” It was 1963; Lou and I were 15-year-old river-guide trainees on the South Fork American; and these were the words of our mentor and boss Bryce Whitmore, one of California’s first two rafting outfitters. The rapid before us--Devil’s John (now called Satan’s Cesspool and

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Rafting Skills: Coping with Flips

By William McGinnis Our 14-foot self-bailer accelerates down the smooth, bulging V-tongues, flashes past foam spewing wrap rocks, and slams into one sticky hole after another, slowing but punching through each time. Everything is fine, normal and right with the world. But suddenly … the entire universe around us starts to spin. Looking down I

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Dirt Bag Paddler Interview

THE GUIDE WHO GUIDED GENERATIONS OF DIRTBAG RUBBER PUSHERS ~ DBP INTERVIEWS WILLIAM McGINNIS, Author of "THE GUIDE'S GUIDE. William McGinnis & Mike Toughill See the original article Folks who aspire to greatness, no matter the forum, all look to those who came before them for inspiration, for lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid,

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A Book Review/Interview with William McGinnis by Douglas Hergert, Rossmoor News, 2/13/2013 The setting for William McGinnis’s breathtaking new mystery novel, “Whitewater, a Thriller,” is California’s Kern River Valley, where we meet two remarkable young characters: Adam is just home from three tours of duty as a Navy SEAL captain in Iran and Afghanistan, and

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How to Find the Courage to Raft

December 1, 2001 Sierra Escape - By William McGinnis For people new to rafting, the thought of floating down through the swirling currents and surging, cresting waves of an actual wild river in an inflatable rubber boat composed mainly of thin air no less can be a daunting prospect. Such fears are entirely normal. In

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Rapid Change

March 12, 2001 Fresno Bee, Business Section California's largest rafting company, Whitewater Voyages, has bought Spirit Kings River Whitewater for an undisclosed sum. The purchase enables El Sobrante-based Whitewater Voyages to guide one- and two-day rafting trips on the Kings River in the Sierra and Sequoia national forests east of Fresno. The Kings River is

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Whitewater Grows

March 7, 2001 San Francisco Chronicle - Business Digest Section California's biggest river-rafting company just got bigger. Whitewater Voyages of El Sobrante has purchased Spirit Kings River Whitewater, giving the company access to popular runs on the Kings River in the Sierra and Sequoia National Forests east of Fresno. Whitewater Voyages logs 16,000 to 20,000

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