“McGinnis is the new king of thrilling, action filled, blockbuster novels” ~N. Robyn

“William McGinnis is … utterly remarkable … and … by far the most gifted writer I am aware of at capturing the heart and soul–the very essence of a whitewater river experience …” ~George Brown

The Adam Weldon Thriller Series: Non-stop suspense thrillers laced with memorable characters and plot lines with more ups and downs than a Coney Island roller coaster! Hold onto your seat as ex-Navy SEAL Adam Weldon and friends battle drug cartels, terrorists, corrupt elites, foreign tyrants and other implacable foes. Each story stands alone, and the novels can be read in any order.

All are available in print, ebook and audiobook—the audiobook narrators, by the way, are outstanding! Experience one and you’ll want to experience them all: Whitewater, Gold Bay, Cyclops Conspiracy and Slay the Dragon — all by award-winning author William McGinnis.

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Expanded & Better-than-ever:
The Guide’s Guide Augmented:
Reflections on Guiding Professional River Trips

Guides Guide Augmented Book for Whitewater Rafting Guides

The new edition of The Guide’s Guide Augmented was the #1 New Release in all of its Amazon categories—and the reviews are wonderful!!

Here are some excerpts:

Outfitters & Other Savvy People Comment On
The Guide’s Guide Augmented:

“A great book … a must read for anyone doing any guiding, period.” —James Ellsworth, Owner, Middle Fork River Expeditions

“Probably the single most worthwhile guide book in the whitewater industry.” —Tracey Knutson, Legendary Alaska and Western States attorney for the recreation and outfitting industry

“Thorough, Engaging, Inspiring—A must read for any professional river guide”—Peter Grubb, Founder & President, ROW Adventures

“Bill McGinnis’ Guides Guide Augmented has everything a professional river guide needs to succeed.” —Charlie Walbridge, Author of Whitewater Rescues, River Safety Anthology & Knots for Paddlers

“An excellent reference for anyone involved in professional river guiding.” —John McDermott, Founder, River Dancers

“The most important river guiding book ever written…it will save lives…” —Gene Evans, Class V River Guide

“Guiding is complex and fun and stressful … Bill captures all of this in his updated encyclopedia of how to guide whitewater raft trips.” —Bruce Lessels, Founder, ZOAR Outdoor

“The book includes EVERYTHING pertinent to whitewater boating and river life. … every boater should own this book.”—Oregon Whitewater

“Best guide book ever written.” —David Wilson

“Thorough, dependable information covering all aspects of whitewater rafting.” —Roland Stevenson, Founder,

“I admit to having borrowed many ideas from The Guide’s Guide over the years (always with full attribution).” —Brian Merrill, President, Western River Expeditions

The ebook contains a clickable index and table of contents, and is pretty much a must-have on every river guide’s phone.



An Adam Weldon Action-Adventure Mystery Suspense Thriller

Slay the Dragon: An Adam Weldon Action-Adventure Mystery Suspense Thriller

China’s relentless strategy of all-out unrestricted warfare—with the willing participation of bought-and-paid-for US elites—is bringing America to its knees. Can an ex-Navy SEAL, a tech-genius Chinese dissident, an Oakland cop, and a Silicon Valley billionaire save American democracy and put China on a better path? To find out, plunge headlong into this rousing, up beat, rip-roaring Adam Weldon thriller.

Winner of Literary Titan Gold 5 Star Award!

  • This action-adventure thriller set in the Bay Area and China will keep you on the edge of your seat!
  • It’s sharable—you can send complete copies to friends!
  • This is a fun read—and also an important book that could change the course of history. No kidding!
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Book Trib book reviews

Slay the Dragon included in line up of big time heavy hitters! Click Here.


New King of Action Novels

Pioneering river outfitter and author William McGinnis is probably best known for Whitewater Rafting and The Guide’s Guide Augmented, his definitive guidebooks to whitewater rafting and professional river guiding.

His other works include the absorbing short nonfiction narratives Sailing the Greek Islands: Dancing with Cyclops and Disaster on the Clearwater, and the novel Whitewater: A Thriller.

Nowadays, this versatile author is weaving the same themes that underlay his earlier works–compassion, love of nature, and joy of life–into gripping, uplifting novels, and reports that he is doing the best writing and most important work of his life.

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Author William McGinnis interview

Listen to William McGinnis on the “Success in Aging” show podcast.


‘Slay the Dragon’
Novel Highlights
US-China Tensions

Slay the Dragon Review

United States vs China.

Slay the Dragon just received a fabulous review in the international newspaper/news site The Epoch Times!
To read the review click here.

Writers Success Secrets Book

Bill’s multi-author book is a best seller!

Writer’s Success Secrets hit #4 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list,
#1 in Barnes and Noble, and
#1 in all of its Amazon categories!


Novels Alive LogoNovels Alive Reviewer Amy Wilson reviewed Slay the Dragon and said, in part:

It’s a fast-paced thriller featuring high-tech weaponry and surveillance equipment. Weldon is in top form in this installment of the Adam Weldon Thriller series. He takes on master spy Gong Dongfeng and gets a peek into China’s strategy of unrestricted warfare….

The conclusion adds a perfect twist to the story, effectively tying up loose ends. Weldon and his team of experts serve as rich characters ready to take on the next challenge….

Slay the Dragon takes readers deep into the world of espionage with events ripped out of the headlines. The author has successfully delivered another adventure for Adam Weldon fans.

Click Here to read the full review.

Literary Titan Book Award

The Literary Titan Book Award
Received by William McGinnis July 2021!

The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and imagination of these talented authors.

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Ken Streater’s Good Change Podcast with William McGinnis

Pondering Leadership, Writing, and the Beauty of Life’s Voyage a Conversation with William McGinnis

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Lisa Haselton Book Reviews

McGinnis “Nails It!”
Lisa Hazleton Interviews
Thriller Author William McGinnis:

Learn how to stay focused and overcome obstacles—to writing or any endeavor! Also, gain insights into Slay the Dragon, learn about hot new reads… and more. Click here to read this new interview.

Interview with international thriller author William McGinnis

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Tunnel Chute RaftingBill McGinnis is featured in
Legends of Rafting Article

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Podcast with Author William McGinnis

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