Gold Bay: An Adam Weldon Thriller Novel by William McGinnis

“William McGinnis is … utterly remarkable … and … by far the most gifted writer I am aware of at capturing the heart and soul–the very essence of a whitewater river experience …” George Brown

Pioneering river outfitter and author William McGinnis is probably best known for Whitewater Rafting and The Guide’s Guide Augmented, his definitive guidebooks to whitewater rafting and professional river guiding.

His other works include the absorbing short nonfiction narratives Sailing the Greek Islands: Dancing with Cyclops and Disaster on the Clearwater, and the novel Whitewater: A Thriller.

Nowadays, this versatile author is weaving the same themes that underlay his earlier works–compassion, love of nature, and joy of life–into gripping, uplifting novels, and reports that he is doing the best writing and most important work of his life.

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