Character Lists and Maps For the Books

Listed in alphabetical order

Adam Weldon—Former Navy SEAL, military police investigator, black ops commando

Aiguo—Commandant in secret branch of Chinese military

BC/Billy Calhoun Davis—Tech-savvy black Oakland cop

Bohai—Wuzhou People’s Armed Police (PAP) detective

Cao—Wuzhou People’s Armed Police (PAP) detective

Chung Bo—Chung Qichang’s father

Chung Jia—Chung Qichang’s young daughter

Chung Mei—Chung Qichang’s mother

Chung Mingshu—Chung Qichang’s wife

Chung Qichang—Chinese Falun Gong computer genius

Da—Wuzhou People’s Armed Police (PAP) detective

Dave Dorman—Oakland police officer

Fang Fang—Longhu police chief

Gong Dongfeng—Chinese owner of a building supply company

Harry Bellacozy—Silicon Valley billionaire, owner of Prophecy, etc.

Ike/General Eisenhower—Right hand man to Harry Bellacozy and head of cyber research and security for Prophecy

Ling—Pro-democracy Chinese dissident

Peace Weldon—Adam’s cantankerous ex-Zen monk uncle

Rasheed—Young, black, viral filmmaker, former child hitman, buddy to Vocab

Roe Rosen—Ex-con cop killer, founder of Freedom Highway

Su Jingfoi—Chinese-born, East Bay real estate agent

Sun Changing—Young novice monk at Mt. Longhu Monastery

Tripnee—FBI agent, drone expert, Adam’s girlfriend

Vocab—Young, black, viral filmmaker, former child hitman, buddy to Rasheed

Dr. Robert Whitehead—University chemistry professor, also works at Lawrence Livermore Lab

Wong Yoo—peasant fish farmer

Wuzhou PAP detectives: Cao Ai, Long Bohai, and Du Da

Xu—China’s Supreme Leader, head of Communist People’s Party (CPP)

Master Zhang—Mt. Longhu Monastery Tian Shi, top Taoist priest

Zhuliang—PAP commander

Listed in order of appearance

Adam Weldon-–Former Navy SEAL, military police investigator, black ops commando. Owner of 70-foot sloop Dream Voyager and Indian Rock Resort on the Kern River

Tripnee—Undercover FBI agent and much more

Peace Weldon—Adam’s ex-Zen monk school librarian uncle

Mercedes Montana—FBI special agent in charge of the FBI’s San Francisco field office

Judd Wagstaff—FBI agent under Montana

Magdalena Alvarado—Wealthy resident of Belvedere

Black Elk—Wealthy Belvedere neighbor of Magdalena, spiritual leader, head of the Wing Foundation non-profit and Wealth Watch website, etc.

Ben and Jerry—Pilots for Harry Bellacozy

Harry Bellacozy—Billionaire entrepreneur owner of Prophecy, etc., and Belvedere neighbor of Magdalena

General Eisenhower—Right hand man to Harry Bellacozy and head of cyber security and cyber research for Prophecy

Linda—School teacher, follower of Total Embrace Bob—Follower of Total Embrace

Gaia—Total Embrace guru

Seth, Bo and Fredricka—Low-level La Casa thieves

BC/Billy Calhoun Davis—Tech-savvy black Oakland cop, long- time friend of Peace

Rasheed—12-year-old former La Casa cartel sicario/hitman, friend to Vocab

Vocab—15-year-old former La Casa cartel sicario/hitman notorious for his uncanny accuracy with an AR-15, very tech savvy

Lakeridge Club Gymnosophists—Peace’s Lakeridge friends

Dead-Eye—Security guard for Black Elk

El Dragon—The #2 boss and ultimate enforcer in La Casa cartel

Toast—Adam’s military pilot buddy

Admiral Ty Jeppesen—A key mover and shaker in the world of United States espionage.

Valerie Zizmor—Key staffer to a member of Congress in Washington D.C.

El Patron—Head of La Casa cartel

Reamer Rook—FYI: Former head of La Casa cartel on the Kern River, former owner of Indian Rock Resort

Proudfoot—Enforcer in La Casa cartel

Toro Canino—A dangerous, ruthless, coiled dragon of a man who has killed hundreds of Mexican decent, he is the #2 boss and ultimate enforcer in the La Casa cartel

Mack Dowell and Hektor Torrente—La Casa cartel hitmen

The President—The President of the United States.

Maps for the Adam Weldon Thriller  GOLD BAY

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An Adam Weldon Action-Adventure Mystery Suspense Thriller

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