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Plunging into a career

June 27, 1979 San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle - By Travel Writer Dick Alexander When Bill McGinnis was a boy in the East Bay he walked the ditches when it rained, instead of the sidewalks. There's nothing particularly unique about that. We've all done it, I guess, sometimes getting swatted for having wet feet -

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Toward the Roar Downriver

October 5, 1975   San Francisco Chronicle - Reviewed by Stanleigh Arnold Whitewater Rafting, by William McGinnis. New York Times Quadrangle 361 pages,  Whitewater may seem far removed from desert sand or mountain granite, it its impact on the sensibilities may be remarkably similar. And not only upon the emotions, either -- all these inspire in

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New Rivers to Conquer Adventure in China

June 30, 1975   Oakland Tribune  - By Richard Spencer Tribune Staff Writer RICHMOND -- Almost 3,200 miles the Yangtze flows, winding eastward from the Tibetan plateau through the bulk of mainland China before blending with the Huang Hai, the Yellow Sea of the north Pacific Ocean. It is this river that presents the challenge now

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